See what people are saying about the Southern
Maryland Youth Flag Football League.
"I am a parent of two boys who absolutely love football. The past 4 years
we have been a part of the tackle football organization in the local area.
Last Spring and this spring have been the most fun seasons, and the
children love playing for this organization. They have made a change from
the tackle to this because they get a chance to play the game they love
so much. They get a chance to work with a coach who believes in them
and we are thankful for that. I have not had coaches like John
and Jeff; say so many wonderful things about children and give
them such great self-esteem as the coaches we have had.  You have great
coaches with your organization and you are doing a great job running it.
Thank you."

"My son has joined your league and he is enjoying every
moment of it.  I find it to be so rewarding, and I look forward
to the practices as well as the games. I really appreciate your teams motto: Fun, safe and stress free
environment. Thanks again for the positive experience."

"Just wanted to let you know that we think the Ravens coaches are outstanding!  The kids really pick up on what the
coaches do, and these guys were great!  They made it a point to not only support and cheer for their kids, but ours
as well.  In fact, many times the first person to congratulate one of our kids on a great play was one of the Ravens
coaches!  Everyone on our team noticed, and we really appreciated the way they played the game."

"I just wanted to say that this was a truly rewarding experience.  I want to second what other parents have said, in that
you have done something very wonderful for our community and you should be very proud, as we are of you.     Our
kids developed friendships that we hope will last a long time, not to mention the fun memories that will last us forever.  
Some of the kids who were thinking about playing tackle for the fall, are reconsidering this league because for one,
they get to play more and they want my husband to coach them again.  WE have really bonded with the kids that were
on our teams, and thats what's really important.  You are a beacon of light in our community and we look forward to
continuing to have fun with this league."

"I can't believe it’s over.  Wow.  
I'm sure that you and Laneta and your family will need the rest of the summer to recover. :)  I just can't tell you enough
how much we appreciate everything you guys did this season.  It was an amazing run.  I have heard SO much positive
feedback.  The county really needed this league. Looking forward to fall ball."

"I think our thanks should go to Doug and Laneta for running such a great league.  I was very hesitant about
coaching, but I am glad Doug talked me into it, it was an experience I will not forget.  It was even more satisfying to not
only see my son grow throughout the year, but to see all the kids grow in personality and ability."

"What a season for the Redskins Rookies!  This is the first time my son
Mark played and he enjoyed it so much that he really wanted to go back and
play some more. Thanks for your support to this great sport.  We had a wonderful team
and coaches!"

"I want thank you and your wife for another great season and all the hard work and dedication you have put forth in
making this a fantastic opportunity for all of the kids.  The continual growth and return of kids to the league is a great
reflection of what this program means to the area."

"I would like to take this opportunity to commend you and your family on the league you have brought to us here in
Charles County . I will continue to educate my players in the game of football using the values you have set forth
since the beginning of this season. That being said, I’m not sure how many communications you receive during the
course of the season, but as a first year coach let me say “Thank You”. I believe in what we do and hope to have the
opportunity to assist in years to come."

"I would like to thank you both for always giving us a wonderful season of flag football ,my children
love playing for this league. I love your effort and professionalism."

"THANKS for all your hard work with this league.  I know it isn't easy, but the end result is you are making a difference
with kids who otherwise wouldn't be able to or even consider playing football.  I see kids proudly walking around
wearing their flag football jersey's in the mall, and around town."

"Thanks for all you do.  My son really enjoys flag football and has learned a lot about the sport in a very friendly

"I had a great time working under Coach Basden and assisting with developing these children's football and
sportsmanship skills. I saw an improvement every week and this was an eye opening experience for me spending time
with these children. This a great league you have created for these youngsters and teens your doing a great job."

"It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun, even in the coaches bowl, even thou I was sore for a couple of days!  
You really do have a great league, that provides a positive experience for the Kids.  All my first year parents said their
kids loved playing and they were going to play again in the spring."

"I must tell you, this weekend was the most exciting that I can recall in a very long time. What fun to see those boys
have so much fun and play so hard. I am so proud to have been a part in such a great league!!"

"Just wanted to let you know that my son has thoroughly enjoyed playing flag football and has learned so much.  It
has been a very positive experience for him and we have been very impressed with how the league is run and most
importantly that it promotes "good sportsmanship", which we LOVE!!!"

"We also want to commend you on such an awesome program..I live near Upper Marlboro and we have told all of our
neighbors about the wonderful things you guys are doing and I am sure we will see several of the neighborhood kids
at some of the games..."

"I felt the need to write to you and your lovely wife to say thank you.  Thank you for forming this wonderful league and
for working tirelessly to ensure that so many children and parents have a wonderful football experience.  My wife and I
just move down here to the southern Maryland area and we were looking for something to get our son envolved in.  I
just happen to Google Flag Football in southern Md.  Oh, how I am so glad SMYFFL popped up on my screen."

"My son's experience with Coach Corwin Holland and Coach Scott was so positive.  He has enjoyed himself from the
first practice that I took him to.  We watched him grow so much as a young athlete.  He now takes great pride in his
accomplishments.  He was always very good in school and we are so proud of that.  Now he has something else to
round out his youth experiences.  My son wants to play FF in the Spring and has asked several times, if I registered
him.  I guess to a 6 year old, 1 week seems like an eternity.  So we look forward to registering for the Spring league."

"Thank you for the best experience of my life. Seeing and participating in the Spring Flag games with my son was very
exciting and special for he and I."

"You and your wife have done such a great thing for the community. My youngest son will begin playing next year and
I have a little daughter coming up behind him so I intend to be a part of SMYFFL for a long time to come."

"We are having a great year and I wanted to personally let you know how much my son and I appreciate getting the
opportunity to play with such a great organization. One of the things that make it so easy playing in this league is the
coach. It should not go unnoticed that Coach Pat Hall genuinely cares for these kids and has become a favorite of

"You are running an excellent organization. Your responsiveness is incredible. My son and his entire team are having
a great time. As a father who is just beginning organized sports with a son who is crazy for anything sports related,
this is a wonderful way to begin. I am not sure how long you have been doing this,but you are very good at it.

"I wanted to send a thank you to you and your wife for finding a coach for us when we were on the waiting list.  Coach
Skeens was the absolute best! We have never had such a wonderful coach! He inspired my son so much.. Thank
You..Thank You!"

"I want to thank you for another OUTSTANDING year! Coach John is out of this world!! His passion for the sport and
love for the boys is unreal. He is one of the best coaches that my son has had the opportunity to participate with."

"I would like to take a moment and thank you for the opportunity that was given to my son and family throughout this
year of flag football. Thank you for giving me a chance to coach this past spring and my son the opportunity to play in
the regional flag tournament.  You have brought this wonderful SMYFFL so far and hope you keep pushing on. Just in
the 3 years that I have been involved, you have something new and improved each year. Take care and have a great
off -season."

"I have coached and played in many sport leagues and SMYFFL is simply the best."

"This is a GREAT league and has helped many players become better athletes and better people.  The SMYFFL is all
about the kids and having fun and that is what it should be about."

"This was our first season with flag football - my son has played tackle since he was 5 years old and decided to take a
season off, but he still wanted to stay involved with football.  We decided on your flag league because we had heard
so many positive things about it from so many parents and kids.  I have to admit that my husband (who has coached
tackle for the past 5 years) and I were highly impressed with the league, coaches, and how great of an experience it
was for our son. Thank you again for all your hard work and for making our first experience with SMYFFL such a
positive one."

"Our son just finished his first SMYFFL season this past Saturday. Before signing up to play this season, we had no
idea the SMYFFL even existed. We signed up having no expectations, and showed up to that first practice clueless. In
no time, we realized what a hidden treasure the SMYFFL is in this county. Our son, who had no idea how to play
football before starting with the league, not only improved his skills and knowledge of the game by leaps and bounds,
but also learned what it meant to be part of a team. He learned the impact of positive play, and the definition of true

"My son was so completely out of his element beginning the season, and to see the confidence and pride he has in
his ability at this point is so gratifying as parents. Our son was up early the next morning with his cleats and flags out
because he, "wanted to practice running the ball to be better for the Spring season". "Spring season?" (we said). Oh
yes, he was all pumped up with plans to sign up for the upcoming Spring and Fall seasons. You have to know our son
to know what a huge change in direction this is for him. As his parents, we couldn't be prouder. We recognize he will
never be the star player on his team, but he feels like a star when he is playing, which is the most important thing to

"We have enjoyed our years with SMYFFL and look forward to the upcoming season."

".I really like the SMYFFL and have been very  impressed with the organization thus far. I tell every parent I meet
about it (and I meet a lot of parents)."

"I just wanted to say that we had a great time during the season. I was able to cheer during the games even though I
work on Saturdays. I had a chance to see some of the games and the kids played hard and there's always room
for improvement, but my son enjoyed playing with the team and he appreciated the effort from the coaches. He
learned a lot an he wants to play this coming season."

"We would like to extend a thank you for an enjoyable season. The whole organization
including the refs were top notch!!"

"I would just like to thank you for trying to make the experience fair for all the kids. I know you have a lot to manage.
My wife was excited to see my son get a chance to be QB. She wanted him to throw a bomb, but maybe he might have
that opportunity next season. I do appreciate the effort and it gave my wife a memory that made her day.

"Thank you again for an enjoyable season.  Our family recognizes and are grateful for the time and effort that both of
you put into the program to make it successful and fun for everyone"

"We are so grateful to you both for starting this league and bringing us all together.  It has been one of the absolute
highlights of our lives!"

"Thank you for the advance notice on coaching and for persuading me to give coaching a try last year.  I enjoyed
every minute of it and love seeing the kids and their parents around the community.  I've been spreading the word
about the league all year."

"This is our 4th season in the league, and looking forward to another great one."

" This will be our 3rd Spring Season with SMYFFL. WE LOVE IT! Thank you for being the Best!"

"I'm so excited to get the season started. Thanks again for this opportunity to coach and thank you and your wife for
what you guys do to make this league what it is today."

"Thanks for coming out to say hello and check on things. That meant a lot and shows what a great league this is and
outstanding leadership we have."