What makes us different than regular Tackle Football???? Many things…. First off and most obvious, this is a Non-
Contact League meaning there is Absolutely
NO tackling and NO blocking. This means that players are less likely to
become injured while playing. At this young age, bones are still developing and are not meant for hard contact which is
one important reason the NFL promotes NFL Flag. Not to mention, kids will not be worried about getting hurt while
playing and can focus more on the skills needed to play the game. Another difference between the SMYFFL and Tackle
Football is that in the SMYFFL, EVERYONE plays EVERY position throughout the course of the season and everyone
gets sufficient playing time. In this league, it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are, or how Big or Skinny you are,
everyone will play every position. When I decided to start this league, its foundation rested on the fact that this league
was going to be ALL ABOUT FUN FOR EVERYONE!! How many times have you seen the Coaches kid always the star
QuarterBack or the Biggest Player on the team goes the entire season playing Offensive line never touching a football?
Kids should have the opportunity to experience every position. As Peter Brock, former center for the New England
Patriots, explains to youth coaches in the Boston area, "What a tragedy it would’ve been for New England Patriots
football history if Drew Bledsoe had been told as a big kid beginning youth football that he could not play quarterback,
and was forced to play the line due to his size. Who knows? He may have dropped out of football like so many other
kids in his situation and gone on to play baseball, another sport, or dropped out of athletics completely." Its all about
having FUN and Learning the Skills needed before advancing to the next level whether it be Youth Tackle, Middle
School, High School, Collegiate or Pro. Another benefit of the SMYFFL is that Practices will be a
Maximum of 2 days a
at most (Preferably 1 Day a Week once the regular season begins) and No longer than 2 Hours Tops. This will
be at the discretion of the Coach. There is life outside of Football and both players and parents shouldn’t be burdened
by going to Practice 3-5 nights a week with games on Saturday. -
Doug Roth SMYFFL President
SMYFFL vs Tackle
Whats the Difference?